Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Edgewood College Visit Slideshow

The annual Edgewood College visit wrapped up this morning with more laughter, memories, and sharing. The day started off on a very positive note as the graduate students took turns discussing specific traits they appreciated about individual Cabrini Connections students. As students were recognized, they beamed at the affirmation and eagerly extended hugs and handshakes to their new friends from Edgewood.

The Cabrini Connections students then had the opportunity to share favorite moments from the past few days. Alisha discussed overcoming her fear of heights on the Ferris Wheel, several students spoke of the scavenger hunt, and Charles exclaimed that he couldn't choose just one highlight because "it was all SO much fun!" I must agree with Charles, not only because I tend to be somewhat indecisive, but also because there have been so many highlights over the past few days. Mostly, I enjoyed watching connections solidify between students and their Edgewood mentors. Each day, comfort levels rose, new smiles emerged, and students increasingly participated in meaningful conversations.

By the end of the morning, graduate students and Cabrini Connections students were sharing email addresses, facebook contact information, and self-addressed postcards. Equipped with so many means to stay in touch, the goodbyes at the end of the day were easier to swallow since these connections can certainly persist beyond the brief time we shared this week. Indeed, this room full of individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds, skills, and experiences represents the expansion of each of our webs of contacts and support.

Thanks to everyone for sharing such a great experience and please stay in touch!

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