Friday, December 10, 2010

Blast from the Past: '08-'09 PIP Fellow Chris Warren at T/MC

For the past week, the Tutor/Mentor Connection office has been extra busy! Chris Warren has been coming in each day helping T/MC with networking to Northwestern University student leaders, finding funding, and writing grant proposals.
Chris with CC student, Summer 2008.

Chris was the 2008-2009 Northwestern Public Interest Program Fellow (NUPIP) at Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection in the Assistant Program Coordinator role. He currently lives in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala where he works as Development Officer at a school for pre-K through 12th graders. He also teaches English at this school.

Chris networking to potential NU supporters, December 2010.

Chris is proof of CC student Amari Roby's assertion that "here at Cabrini Connections we're like a family." Although he's out of the country, Chris continues to show great support for T/MC and his work this past week demonstrates his ongoing commitment to the T/MC's work toward "collective action."

I continually learn from Chris even though we are rarely able to connect in person. I frequently visit his blog. His entries--while they may be from a few years ago--continue to offer me insights into my role at T/MC by showing me what has been done in the past and highlighting effective ways to implement the organization's strategy. This is an example of how internet learning can create an organizational history to help train new staff and retain important knowledge and best practices.

It has been great to have Chris with us this week during his holiday visit from Guatemala! Be sure to check out his recent blog post encouraging NU Wildcats to support CC, T/MC efforts!

Thanks to Chris for all of his time and dedication over the past few years! Safe travels!

FUN SIDE NOTE: Chris and my brother were college (and even post-college) roommates! I first met Chris while visiting my big brother at Northwestern as a junior in high school. I will spare you photos of their college dorm room...
but I wouldn't dream of excluding this photo:

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  1. This is an example of what we mean when we say 'once in Cabrini Connections, always in Cabrini connections'. When a student or volunteer leaves the weekly program at 800 W. Huron, they don't fall off the face of the earth. They are just in a different place. If we can find ways to keep them connected they can keep helping each other for the rest of their life. Some will help Cabrini Connections stay as a connecting point to help facilitate this on-going involvement.